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Posted on: January 28, 2012

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.


To a certain extent, Filipinos have been leaving our country to seek affluence and greener pastures in the foreign shores. Despite the fact that most Filipinos abroad has come home with success stories, already built dreams and most have found their perfect other behalf. Still there’s a fragment feeling to a curtailed needs and grooving console.

Being in a foreign land, most Filipinos as sojourners dwell in different unaccustomed beliefs and social norms. They find it difficult to share in all things to a land of strangers where everything is new. Being far away from home is one of the “easier said than done” things that a person may perhaps experience, more than ever if one is not used to it. This is a veracity that impinges on many Filipinos who has so many reasons why they need being far.

The feeling of homesickness may not only mean missing the ones we love but also finding what is missing. We may even miss the foods that we eat, the merchandise that we often use, and even the ambience of the usual street that we pass by everyday back at home.

Homesickness is about home and home is where they understand you.

Global Filipino Classifieds understands this kind of conviction by our fellow Filipinos abroad in what they need, what they desire and what will make them feel at home. It is having that feeling of habituated to a place and everything that surrounds them.

What they feel necessary in their needs is something that they feel is missing. Filipinos abroad aspired to more, needed more and craved on the things that would suit their needs and have a better way of living for them and for their families in the Philippines. Well, it is a broad-spectrum of every Filipinos abroad.

Global Filipino Classifieds aims to bring Filipinos their needs by bringing Philippines’ at their own hands, providing advertisements that have value for their hard-earned money that may help them live their lives better.

We dole out as a mediator for Philippine establishments about bringing their business closer to the Filipinos worldwide. We make an easy way of marketing and distribution of their ads to come up with the best results and give potential opportunities for them, to reach their target markets, and make new models of consumption.

The rationale also is to build up the country for immediate gains that may encourage equitable economic growth and worthy of investment that will benefit the nation in its present and future generations. We are opting to provide and raise a good economic impact to the Philippines as well.

We position ourselves being a reliable source of information that will serve to the needs of our fellow Filipinos worldwide leaving a positive imprint in the life of every Filipinos abroad thru the socially responsible classified ads we choose to deliver. By this, we are widening socioeconomic means in the country as we support the Philippine tourism and local businesses to transpire it being more mobile, more adaptable, self-contained, and globally abundant ones.



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