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Boost your Business thru Online Marketing

Posted on: May 9, 2012


Why should you have an online presence?



Every day people are searching the internet looking for companies just like yours and looking for products and services that you sell. If you are not online, you cannot tap into this market. Many people view an online presence as a business in its own right, while it can be, it does not have to be. Some businesses are solely online because there is not enough of a local market for a store, making the business truly virtual. However, if you have a business that does have a store, you can increase your business substantially by having an online presence.


With a store, you can only sell your items to people who can get to your store. By having an online presence, be it a website or an e-commerce website, you could sell your items to anyone who has an internet connection or has access to one. In the Philippines, the number of people with an internet connection is more than 29 million and this does not include people who use internet cafes or their internet connection at work. After all, the prime focus of any business should be “how can I expand my coverage and availability”.


So, let’s say that you owned a shop that sold clothes. There are 673,000 people every month searching for “dresses” on Google alone! That is just one clothing item and if you own a clothing store, you likely sell many many more clothing items. The same can be said for almost any other store, if you have a local market, there will be a similar market within other areas. Instead of going to the expense of opening stores in other areas, why not first get the business by using a website or e-commerce store? This way, you could see the location of your customers and accurately judge where would be the best location for a new store.


There are a number of companies in Manila who have already taken advantage of this and although they have a small shop, they sell locally, nationally and internationally, shipping items out to customers, using their own couriers for local deliveries and using a company like LBC for areas they do not cover.

More people are on the internet communicating with someone than they are talking to someone on the phone. The reach is bigger – you can communicate with someone over at the other side of the world in real time. The market is now endless and truly global. And people ARE using the internet to search for stores, businesses, information and other relevant data


So you must get your business online; there’s no question about it. Having a website is as essential today as having business cards or a telephone number. It doesn’t matter what size your business is. The beauty of the internet is that it has leveled the playing field for businesses regardless of size.


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