The Global Filipino Classifieds

GFC’s June 2012 Front Cover Issue

Posted on: June 9, 2012

Real Estate Investment impinges the Philippine Economy.



A lot of Filipinos are fond of investing their hard earned money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other high paying bank interest rates. However there are also some good investments most Filipinos are missing, a very good example of this is the real estate investment.

For this June 2012 Issue Global Filipino Classifieds would like to bring Overseas Filipinos the opportunity found in Real Estate. The Philippines became more in-demand market for real estate opportunities due to recent economic trends.  There was a rise in demands for residential housing, condominium and office spaces.

The Realty market relies profoundly on remittances from overseas Filipinos, which by far is used to mid-scale subdivisions and other housing/condominium projects in provinces bordering the Metro Manila area. The growth of real estate in the Philippines also made a thousand of employment opportunities rendered through it alone.

Real estate is really expensive. That is what most Filipinos think about. It’s even more costly if you do it the wrong way: believing on the interminable promises of real estate developers and buying a property whose title is in the hands of various unknown people.

Doing it the right way, real estate investment can be your best form of investment. It could be something that you can be proud of but like any investment, the Philippine real estate industry has its share of possible risks, especially in terms of finances.

The risks may seem overwhelming, but the rewards you will reap would be sure well worth it, with real estate, prices continuously growing and their values climbing which gives you big opportunities and will make your investments grow at a higher pace.


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